Baby brain

Since being back at work I'm finding I'm struggling to absorb information and my memory is shocking! I'm totally capable of doing my job but when a new task is handed over to me I'm finding that I have to really force myself to focus in order absorb what is being told to me. Also someone will ask me a question on something I was working on 5 minutes ago and my brain scrambles! It's like I can't compartmentalise my thoughts on order to pick out the answer. It's really getting me down and I don't know if it's a confidence thing after being on mat leave for so long or if it's neurological and baby brain is actually a thing. I'm trying my best to get it under control but it's quite daunting. Anyone else been through or going through the same thing?
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Your literally responsible for keeping a human being alive. It’s a huge shift! The brain will prioritise the most important information. It’s a phenomenon really

Yes omg. It’s so overpowering for me

I feel you! I came back to work 2 weeks ago on a part-time basis. I thought " that would be super easy, even boring". It was not. I have the feeling i became stupid or some kind of sloth. Apparently it's quiet normal so we Don't have to worry. Just a reminder: you're doing great mum🌻

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