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If you plan to have another kid, what would you do differently for your birthing plans?
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I would be more pushy. I would also make sure my doctor was in the room, she knew I was pushing and was gone. Besides that I wouldn’t change anything. I kept lights dim/off, would walk around, labored in a tub, as well as brought a Roku so I could watch my shows to distract my mind. I ended up getting a epidural after 24 hours due to extreme exhaustion. The only aspect I’d change with that is lessening the dosage so I can try to push not on my back

I plan to homebirth again but will be looking for a different midwife

I’m pregnant with number 2 right now… gonna look for a midwife rather than an OBGYN, plan to keep hospital lights off/dim, utilize essential oils, possibly hire a doula, and wait as long as possible to get the epidural.

Definitely a doula above everything else. I got taken advantage of because I was sleep deprived and didn't know how to properly advocate for myself or my baby so I will make sure I have a doula I trust this time (also switching hospitals). I also want a water birth if I can handle the pain. I got induced so the contractions got to be too much for me to handle

The only thing I did differently with my second birth was not push on my back. I said from the beginning that was absolutely not going to happen and anyone who tried to make me would get kicked out of the delivery room whether they were a medical professional or not 😂 luckily I have an amazing doctor who put it in big letters in my file and on a whiteboard on the wall of the delivery room

I'd def go the same route as I am with this second pregnancy. First one I was really uninformed and people all around me made decisions for me hospital-wise. This time around I chose a midwife/OB collab focusing on home birth and it's been way less invasive, more private and I have their full attention whenever they're tending to me. I'd say overall that made all the difference between my first pregnancy and this second one.

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