Any mommas here play Fortnite???

I’m a Fortnite mom because my 4 kids got me into the game. I would to play with other moms that also plays Fortnite. If y’all want to play my game name is Caffeinemom
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Juicyjuice0504 is my epic

I’ll add you later on when I’m home!

I used to a lot but since having my baby I find it hard to play with a newborn, especially br cause if she wakes and needs a bottle mid game...

@Alisha as moms most of us will understand! I had the same issue lol but I’d just hide or something or have to hope off which is totally fine to do. It gets easier as they get older though!

Yeah I haven't played this season much and I think it ends soon, I'm only level 12 😅 wanted to get optimus prime but honestly it is just easier to play something like diablo where I can stop whenever and nothing will happen, no storm after me, no people runnimh around that can kill me If I'm doing a quest or in a dungeon I can just teleport back to town and then teleport back where I was

Let’s give it a shot one day it’ll be fine by me if you have to get off or hide midgame lol We can just focus on quests

Yessssss I'll have to add you

I play fortnite ☺️

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