Migraines worsening?

Hiya, was just wondering if anyone else who suffers with severe / debilitating migraines have yours got so bad that you’ve been hospitalised? Well this happened to me a couple weeks back, they’ve eased a little literally just feel I’m stuck in bed constantly. Please someone tell me they ease up as pregnancy goes.
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@Lucy I've had migraines my whole life so they never will go away. I even have neurologist for them. But luckily with this pregnancy, they haven't been bad at all. Even with them making me stop taking my nightly migraine medication. Every pregnancy is definitely different

@Lindsey thank you, hope they’ve eased since. This is my worst nightmare took me two weeks to get over the last awful migraine attack which had lasted two weeks to be back in the same position for the last week and a bit. Just feel like I’m bed ridden atm.

@Jacqueline no. No one’s ever mentioned to try magnesium. Thank you will look into it.

Hey, I’ve had migraines since I was a child a few times a week. My whole first trimester they we’re awful I was in and out of hospital with migraines as they were making me so so sick. I actually even went to my neurologist about them because I just didn’t know how I would cope for 9 months. He told me to stop taking paracetamol, which I did as they don’t fucking work anyway & to just detox off of it, he said unfortunately they get a lot worse when you stop migraine meds etc which I did when I fell pregnant & that he was confident they would go during my second trimester. Around 16 weeks they just disappeared and I haven’t had one since, so he was right! (29 weeks now). I do have constant aura now though, but that’s neither here nor there as it doesn’t actually hurt. Unfortunately, I think you just have to tough it out, and go to bed when it happens. It’s shit so so shit, I really feel for you. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

Hey. Ive suffered from migraines since i was 12 very badly. I didnt have any in first 3 months and now in 4th it came back… at the moment i am only able to take paracetamol and sometimes i max out the daily 8 pills and takes me nearly 2 days to get over it. My midwife said she will contact the obstetrician to see if there are any other tablets i can take as gp hasnt been much help… at the moment i am just literally trying every trick like cold towel on head or around next . Also i have this cool and shoot wee menthol thingy that i rubbed on my forehead- seems a bit help . I also asked about magnesium but i was told by midwife to wait for the obstetrician and not to take it before consultation. Fingers crossed for us ❤️

With my daughter they got worst and worst. I woke up with one and went to bed with one every single day. Even they day I got induced with my daughter, I had a migraine throughout the whole labor. The nurses even got mad at me because I said I wanted the regular epidural and not the walking epidural because ik I wouldn't be able to walk. They said my labor wouldn't progress fast.....but nurses half the time don't know anything and I went from 5 to 10 cm in an hour....but it was absolutely horrible with the migraines.

Yes!! Did you try magnesium?! I had awful migraines throughout first trimester and my dr said to try magnesium- it really really helped. I literally had one after that 🙏🏻

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