When will the next teeth come through?

Hey Everyone! My baby girl got her first two bottom teeth at 5 months and now she’s almost 8 months old and she is constantly winging as if there are more teeth to come is drooling lots but when I feel them they definitely aren’t there yet. Is it normal for such a big gap in between getting them? Thankyou all!
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@Alycia it’s just so weird, I was told that once they start they don’t stop by everyone too im at the point now where I just want them to pop through to put her out of being so frustrated with them 😂

Exactly the same. My 5 month old son got 2 bottoms at once and he’s really grumpy some days and sore and drooling and can’t really eat much and seems to be chewing on back left of mouth yet still nothing coming through? 🤷‍♀️

I'm in a similar boat. First two (bottom) teeth around 5.5 months. They came a couple of days apart. Then one top tooth at 7.5 months and the second top tooth closer to 9 months. Nothing since and bub is almost one. I thought it was once they start they don't stop until all are through lol

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