Anyone who gets 5 plus migraines a week ever experience zoning out or having arms shake from elbows to fingers? (Like shivering shaking) And if so did you mention it to your headache doctor? And if you did did they restrict you from driving after migraines are being treated? Terrified to say anything to my Nero doctor about shaking because I’m scared to lose my license because of it (I’m not stupid enough to drive with a migraine or shaking) and need someone’s advice if they ever went through this please
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I also have fibromyalgia but this is a different kind of shaking I’ve never gotten before I feel the muscle spasms and it’s nothing like that

My neurologist sent me for a CT scan and MRI when I asked about similar symptoms. I also have fibromyalgia but we wanted to rule out MS. All we found was some decent arthritis in my neck 🤷‍♀️

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