Hubby wants more kids 😬

My husband wants more kids and I dont. Im content with the one we have, especially everything that’s going on in the world and our economy is shit. I’m trying to figure out what I want to do in life and I just can’t see me having another baby right now not unless I’m a billionaire
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😅Yeah, no, that's not how it works lol "let's have another baby, so that way, if we start struggling financially, I'll get the motivation to make more money. There is no way that could possibly back fire or negatively impact our relationship. And I definitely would never blame you for us having 2 kids that I have to provide for. In the history of men, that has never once happened. " Im sorry, Hard pass on his logic for sure. I'm pregnant with our 2nd, very unplanned and a huge surprise. My husband was like, "How many more after this one?" and I told him 0, no more. This one will be very loved but I was not ready. Hopefully it will never happen but if we have to flee because of all this craziness, now we both have to hold on and protect a little one. 2 is more than enough. Baby factory is closed. Go ahead and schedule your vasectomy, please..

Right I’m just like bro do you not see what’s happening right now ? He said if I give him another baby it will motivate him to make more money 🤔 do you know how dumb that sounds ? That makes me feel like me and our son is not enough for him to strive to want to do better :(

Same! I didn't want to get pregnant again just incase there were any complications since our choices are now, none, but suffer and hope for the best. I don't want my daughters having to worry that because they're not male they can't access proper health care.

Hmm that’s tough cuz it’s easy for men to say that since we’re the ones doing most of the work 😅

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