Second baby

Hi mamas, My hubby and I had an absolute heartbreaking conversation this morning. We discussed the possibility of having another baby. Here is the thing, I will be 40 this month (yes, I know the risks of geriatric pregnancy) and financially, it has been difficult, even though we are both working professional careers. He has decided that we will not be having a second. I'm absolutely devastated! I don't know who/what to talk/turn to!
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I watched this YouTube channel, called gently led sisters, it’s a Christian mamas page but she has like 10 children and even into her 40s she gives very helpful natural tips on how to safely bring a child to term while in those later years. Don’t give up. If you feel that’s what you want and need, try as hard as you can or you will regret it 😘😘😘 You’ve got this mama.

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