Anyone else feel like their brain is mush?

Curious to know if every mom/parent feels this way or if there is something wrong with me. I feel like a zombie since I had my son 20 months ago. Not entirely like a zombie but I feel like I’m on autopilot. I also feel like my brain has turned to mush and I can’t focus on any conversations with anyone except my husband haha. I try to listen but I think the combination of my busy toddler and my mental load just turns everything to mush and I can’t focus. Both when he’s around and when my son isn’t. Anyone else this way?
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I feel the same as @Chantelle. I struggle to focus at work, on chores at home, can't think of words, brain fog, little or no motivation to do a lot of things. After a visit with friends I always feel better at least for a little while. I do need to find more things to help me recharge and cope. I just hope the mushy brain improves and it isn't like this forever.

I feel this way. I struggle to focus on work. I can’t think of words anymore either, pointing at things or making gestures because I can’t remember the name of something. Also just a general brain fog sometimes. Other moms I’ve spoken to have said this is normal but it does feel a little crazy. Also the mental load of having a young child is huge. ❤️ try to ask your partner for some time where you can just focus on you. Something that takes the mental load away. Even if it’s just a nice long bath or reading a book. What has really helped me is getting an audible subscription. I turn it on whenever I’m doing tasks like the dishes or cooking and it takes a lot of stress away.

I can't say I relate exactly but I do know that we've had to focus on mental health a ton to keep up with the mental load. Daily meditation sessions and scheduled time to just sit with ourselves and process emotions have been key. If we stray from doing that things fall apart real fast

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