Social anxiety- 22 month old

My 22 month old is having a lot of social anxiety recently. When we go to playgroups or any group lessons, he cries, doesn’t want to be there and bolts for the door. He goes to daycare one day a week, and does this before drop off as well, but eventually calms down when we leave and has a great day. Very social with kids otherwise, just seems wary of group activities where he thinks we may be leaving him and just wants to leave. Any other parents dealing with this? Is this to be expected? Looking for any advice!
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Hey Michelle! My 22 month old is going through the same thing. Recently we met up with my Aunty and cousins who she has met once, and she cried and screamed the whole time and would not let me put her down. She’s done this a few different situations, and I believe it’s just something they go through. Some things I’ve tried is distraction, food, or if one of those relatives is holding her baby sister I point it out and she usually opens up when she sees that sister is ok.

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