Soon-to-be mom of twins

Hi, new here and so glad I found this group! I’ll be a new mom around December to B/G twins. I have hEDS, POTS, and narcolepsy type 1 and use mobility aids sometimes, and my daughter was diagnosed with myelo- spina bifida and chiari II recently. I would love to connect with other moms with disabilities, I’m worried about how good of a mom I can be with my limitations, especially knowing now that my girl will need extra support.
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Hiya 👋🏼 I am not very active on here anymore but I get on from time to time. Wow twins! 😳

@Audra Hey, nice to meet you! 😊 Yeah twins.. it’ll be extra hard mode

@Holly can't imagine 😬

As a mom with essentially heds and pots (tachycardia and hyper mobile joint syndrome) it’s tough but take advantage of the cuddles on the low energy days and enjoy the days you have energy. Make their space safe for independence as they get to be a toddler because the hardest part I’ve found is on a bad day struggling to lift them when they do want cuddles.

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