Feeling worthless

Hi ladies, I’m currently feeling pretty down, my bd/bf & I are just going thru it & I just feel like he doesn’t understand me. I recently just moved in with him & i feel like things got worse he has other children so I’m a step parent but dealing with them is hard enough on top of my baby, I feel like maybe I’m just not the type to deal with a lot of kids and I’m starting to realize that but everytime I talk fo him about it he thinks I’m just judging him or something, I feel like I just can’t do anything right in his eyes he does clean, cook, take care of his kids all those things I just wish I could help more I feel like I should move back I was happier, like I told him not to be adding Girls on snap chat & he still does it I told him it triggers me, he just ignores, he’s always on his phone when he comes back from work doesn’t really acknowledge me, I Just wondering if there’s any advice out there on how to deal with these emotions.
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I would say go with your gut if you feel like something is going on tell him hey it’s either me or the girl your always on the phone with to see what he would say

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