LB suddenly won’t feed in my arms

My LB is 2 months and has always suffered with a bit of reflux, we do slow paced feeding and burp multiple times on feeds. The last 24 hours he’s been screaming when we hold him to feed him a bottle and was taking less. I tried feeding him in his bouncer today and he’s fed fine?! He’s still sat in it like he would be in my arms but will not take the bottle from me. I can hold him and give him his dummy but the second the bottle hits his lips, he screams. What the actual?! Please send advice 🙃😅
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@Charlotte exactly the same!! What is going on 😭😭

Having the same issue. I’ve been feeding my 2 month old in her bouncer chair for the past few days as she won’t accept it in my arms. During the night when she wakes for a feed she’ll drink it fine but when fully awake it has to be in the chair xxx

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