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SOS so I need some help/advice I'm trying to potty train my 3-year-old. I out him on the potty every 20 mins he successfully went once out of the 6 times I've out him on the pot😔 at daycare his teacher says he's doing and rarely has accidents… but I just want to know what everyone else is or has done! Any help will be great I truly appreciate it🫶🏽💖
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I use candy as a treat to go bathroom. If they pee or poop I let them know what they did and tell them if they have that feeling again go sit on their potty and if they make something I give em a candy of choice.

See I want to let my little go naked around the house but my husband will have something to say about it..🙄 and it doesn't help really when he doesn't want to help like letting them go in when he has to go and whatnot from what I've read. But I will keep at that you @Cristina @Delicate @Amanda & @Dani for the advice🫶🏽

I let my twins run around naked. The first couple of times I tried it for about 2 days and they weren't catching on so I shelved it for 6 weeks or so and tried again. I was between attempts but the potties were still out and one day one took his pants off and went pee. The other copied him. First one also pooped the first day. The other took until the next day to get that part. Theyve been good ever since. They still have the occasional accident, and they aren't always dry overnight (they wear a pull up to bed) but they've been doing great since February.

I left my son pantless for two days. There’s this Potty Training in 3 Days book that I got off Amazon and read the second I got it. It’s amazing. Used it for my 3 year, 18 month and a 2 year old I babysit. It’s all about being patient and making the potty a fun experience. It’s hard to stay positive when they have accidents, but I always stock up on rewards.

I just started my son last week and so far everything going great he still has accidents but what I’ve been doing is letting him wear underwear at home but also there are times I let him be naked too. So I’ve been putting him on the potty every 30 minutes and his daycare lady recommended it. Now we been going at it for about 2 weeks he been say mom my stomach hurts that mean he need to poop and also has been saying mom I need to pee. As far as daycare he doesn’t go as much there but they still try. You got this it’s just time and patience is what I learned

My kid was the same and what helped was just having him pantsless at home. If they start to go while pantsless you can rush him to a potty. It’s also an easy win to ask him to go potty first thing in the morning because EVERYONE has to pee after sleeping through the night.

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