Is my bf giving me red flag?

I have been dating this guy for about a month. I have 2 kids he has none, we are both 25. (I don't know if this matters but context) However, I'm always getting my parents to watch my kids while he makes last minute or day of discisions to hangout with me. I don't know if it's because he's busy and works or because he has no other plans. Recently he was here hanging out with me, and he kept saying his friend was blowing up his phone asking where he was so he had to go..(he showed me it and the dude was) But he left hanging out and hooking up just for his friend. Anyways, I was at a like festival thing with my kids and he asked if we were going, and what time he was going to be there so we can see each other. I assumed it meant we were going to hangout. But he then got there an hour and a half after it started I texted him if he wad here. He got there a half an hour before asking where I was. He was there with his friend. He then found me gave me a hug and then went back with his friend. I felt really upset after. Cause the fact is i have to get someone to watch the kids and i move stuff around and find time for him. Am I being dramatic or is this red flag?
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He probably still is in his party stage and doesn't get your level of responsibility because he doesn't have kids. I suggest you have a sit down with him and explain how this parenting works so that he knows how to schedule your hangout time. I hope this helps!

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