Bleeding in early pregnancy

I’m just wondering if anyone has had what seems to be a very light period early on in pregnancy I’ve just found out I’m about 6 weeks pregnant and I’ve had cramping for just over a week now it’s been on and off but I’ve started bleeding pretty lightly but I’m scared that it’s going to lead to miscarriage
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Thank you to both of you I’m just so scared the cramping is the start of me losing the baby I don’t remember having any sort of bleeding with my first and I only seem to bleed when I wipe that’s it I’m not leaking or anything

Yeah I bled every now and again up until 20 weeks. It wasn’t very heavy and mostly when wiping. I would have one day of red blood and then brown blood afterwards for a while. They said I had a cyst and also a low lying placenta which caused the bleeding. I remember how awful it was, I was so worried. So I really know what you’re going through so I’m so sorry. It’s so hard when it’s this early and you don’t know what’s happening. Try not to google every symptom it just makes it worse x I did go for an early scan at 8 weeks just for peace of mind.

I did - I thought it was just my period a week or so late as I didn’t know I was pregnant. The blood was mostly brown but it lasted for about 10 days 😕 when I knew I was pregnant, I contacted the early pregnancy unit at my hospital as I was about 6/7 weeks at that time, they did a scan and everything was fine xx

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