Holidays on your own

Would anyone consider going on holiday without their babies and if so what age? Considering going away for a week on our own for our honeymoon. Plus, I would like to think I could take a few days away every now and then without waiting about 19 years haha.
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I have only ever left my kids once to go to New York for a weekend when they were little. They got very upset, so I've never done it again. They are all grown up and my youngest is 7 years, i would struggle to leave her. Though im not getting any younger and could do with some adult only time either on my own or with friends.

I've had a few long weekends away with friends where my son has stayed at home with my husband. We haven't left him overnight with anyone else though and I think it'll be a while before we do

We’re going abroad for the a long weekend without our baby and she’s 13 months. I’m also going on a solo trip to America in October and she’s staying at home with my partner.. she comes with us for other holidays so I don’t feel bad!

We went for 5 nights last month. Left 5 month old with my parents.

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