Codeine prescribed for PGP

I’ve been to see my doctor today about my pelvic girdle pain and have been referred for physio and prescribed 15mg Codeine for when the pain is really bad. Has anyone else been prescribed this or used this in pregnancy? I’m a bit worried about the potential side effects on baby.
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I've been issued codeine too for PGP and sciatica, I've been taking half a tablet every 2 days, you have to weigh up the pain you are in and risks to baby, if midwife or Dr has prescribed it then you and baby should be fine as long as you don't rely on it. X

@Courtney I’ve got one and have been going to pregnancy yoga every week but I’ve just done some pelvic exercises on it from YouTube and I’m going to try and do them before bed to see if it helps :)

I had it really bad and was referred for physio but they didn’t help at all unfortunately think it very much depends on the physio you see. try a support belt I got one of Amazon as the one the nhs physio gave me was rubbish she even told me herself to get a one on Amazon. I ended up finding a private physio who specialised in pgp and she was amazing and helped me so much.

If you have a yoga ball/birthing ball then doing some exercises with that really helped my pgp, I also had an operation when I was 16 weeks pregnant and had morphine and codeine and my baby is now 13 weeks old happy and healthy as can be! So don’t be afraid to use the meds

Thanks everyone, I think I’ll stick to paracetamol and take the codeine when I’m in a lot of pain / if I’m really struggling.

Codeine is an opioid, you’re only supposed to take it for three days in a row. It’s really addictive.

I have just been diagnosed with PGP and have been prescribed codeine I have been taking it for about 3 weeks now when the pain is severe and I had a scan just last week and baby was healthy, on perfect estimation for weight and healthy strong heartbeat. I recommend taking it if you find yourself in unbearable pain as some days the pain has been so bad I haven’t been able to get out of bed but the codeine has helped to take the edge off a bit so I can mobilise xx hope this helps xx

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