Pregnancy after prolapse

Hiya, I’m 2 month PP and have been diagnosed with a cystocele prolapse. I am starting physio in two weeks and looking forward to getting stuck in. What’s really affecting me at the moment is I’ve always wanted three kids and this has happened after my first. Has any with prolapse gone on to have successful subsequent pregnancies? What was your experience. Thanks ☀️
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@Tamsyn Lampkin just being pregnant can worsen symptoms and second babies tend to come a bit quicker than first ones so less pressure during delivery. Entirely up to you. If you had a major prolapse then I'd say definitely section but mild ones are fine for vaginal birth.

I'm pregnant with my second after forceps and episiotomy. Prolapse symptoms have improved greatly over last 2 years but have worsened a bit during pregnancy. Currently wondering the same in re to c section or another vaginal

@Erin bless, thank you so much for your response and congratulations on your little one 🥹❤️

Prolapsed after my first (cystocele/rectocele) and just had my second vaginal delivery (2 years apart). Zero worsening of grade or symptoms and to be honest, I feel better now than I did before! Recovery was a breeze compared to after my first!

@Jo ace, thank you! Is it typically recommended to have a C-section too or would you be able to still have the baby low risk vaginally?

Loads of women have further pregnancies with prolapse. We see it all the time. Try and get your pelvic floor stronger with the physio before your next pregnancy and continue with the exercises throughout though. We don't tend to offer surgery for prolapse until the woman's family is complete. Xx

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