Depression over prolapse

3 months pp today. I gave birth with forceps assistance not knowing what it could do to me. My bub was on the larger side with a big head. Ob says i have a mild bladder prolaspe cause its bluging where i see it in my vagina. Apparently it takes time to heal after birth. Prior to birth i could hold my pee stream on toilet now i can't and when i do pelvic floor contractions i get fatigued easily. I see a physio once every 3 weeks. Is this normal. Is there any positive recovery stories? Any stories where you gave birth again n it was okay? Feeling very down and out i want to give my family another child but im scared of what could happen
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3 months pp is still so so early. Healing takes time and you're still early days. X

Thank you i appreciate it !

So I had forceps with my first and I was very swollen and bulging for quite a few months, I had a lot of stitches too so that didn’t help. For me, the pain was horrendous and i was anaemic, so I don’t know if that makes a difference, but I got pregnant 3/4 months postpartum and had my second baby when my first was 13 months old. I still tore and required stitches but healing was super easy for me and it was NOTHING like the recovery of my first. My advice would be to get checked for low iron as it’s very common, and take it one step at a time, I didn’t feel like myself until my second was a year old. It takes time to heal, don’t worry you’ll get there. (Sorry for the length) X

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