Ex wife problem

Hi moms pls help me i don’t know what to do im really exhausted , im a step mom we have custody 50/50 and the ex wife doesn’t respect the time of pick up at all , she come late after pick up 5h after the time that she supposed to pick up her daughter and im sick of this she comes sometimes 1 h late sometimes 2 hours she forces us to watch her daughter and my husband already said no everytime he says come in the time and she doesn’t she doesn’t respect anyone and one day she went for a date at night it was her night she asked my husband for a favor to watch his daughter that night he said no and she came drop off her daughter in front of the door and she left we r really tired i just gave birth and i have another baby 1 year old its hard for me to take care of everyone my husband works im so sad help me pls what i can do , does the police do something about this or the court pls help me !!!?
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You can report her for child abandonment potentially, but then you may end up with full custody and it doesn't sound like that is what you want.

@Bec yeah exactly and we end with full custody 🥺

@Michaela i cant do day are allday 🥲

You could take the “nacho” approach. You don’t watch her ever. She goes to daycare if neither of her parents is available to watch her. You don’t do pick ups or drop offs.

@Bec but its hard for me i wanna rest a little bit im exhausted

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