Am I Being Too Sensitive?

Hi ladies. My husband and I got into a massive fight this morning, and I am still furious. Our almost 5 year old son would not stop screaming (we think he was overtired) and he started kicking and getting physically aggressive. My husband works from home on Fridays. I told him I was not taking our son to daycare acting like this - I would be late to work. I figured if my husband was home maybe our son could rest a bit to calm down, as he was literally uncontrollable. My husband proceeds to bring our son to the car and say to me “be a parent. Take him to daycare.” He always makes this comment “be a parent” and I always take it as him talking down on my parenting. Am I overreacting, or would you be upset too? I should also add he says this comment whenever I am hanging out with friends and away from him and the kids. It’s not my fault he has no friends…this really posses me off.
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I would've turned it back on him like "how about you be a parent and care for your child when he's having a sh!t day?" I would've been pissed too. Especially if you're the main parent/caretaker.

Message me if you want to vent to someone who knows

@Kiki thank you yeah definitely still not okay - not sure how many more times I can endure these comments

@Laura I’m sorry you’re going through this too - it’s seriously not okay. Not sure why they think they can say this…

My husband says crap like that too. We have a 6 month old. I feel your pain and I’m not sure of the solution yet…

I would be upset too, you’re both parents not only you! Apparently he didnt want to deal with the kid alone so he pushed into going to the daycare. Anyhow, I hope you guys are good now.

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