I have been on amitriptyline for a year. 3 months ago, I was told to increase from 20mg to 30 mg (as still hetting 5 migraines a month). However, this last week I've noticed I'm struggling weeing. Like, I have to push wee out as it won't come otherwise. I then need to go again soo after, it's like I have a pretty constant need. I know weeing issues can be a side affect, but I am wondering if others have experienced this. I'm going to call gp after the bank holiday, and also on Thursday, I have an appointment in a headache clinic due to this drug clearly not helping enough.
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I used to take 90mg 5 years ago when I was on it before trying for my first. I found it gave me a dry mouth, so just drank more. I used to have 2-3 a week and then dosage didn’t stop mine. They tried gabapentin alongside it as well and they didn’t help! I rely on zolmatriptan now which goes up My nose when I get one! Only thing that has ever shifted a migraine in the 25 years I’ve been getting them!

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