All of a sudden picky eater

My lo was a great eater she would try anything even if she didn’t like she it she would at least try. She loved meat, rice, and a toast but now trying to get her to eat a piece of toast just turns into the dog eating pieces of toast she licked or barely touched off the ground. Meanwhile yesterday she took my egg bite out of my mouth while we were out and ate the whole thing when she’s normally not a fan of eggs. (I have tried letting her feed me, eating some of what she has, taking a bite and let her take it out of my mouth etc.) She would be happy right now if we just let her eat roasted peppers, fruit, yogurt, grilled cheese, avocados and then sometimes chicken and pasta. Anyone else going through this? Any suggestions? Is she just asserting her independence?
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Good to know that they eventually go back. She was sick for a day in there too so I figured that would have had something to do with it too. Ugh teething is the worst especially the molars.'s just a toddler phase son has been going through the sane thing for about 2 months how and is just now finally starting to eat more like he use to but he has also been teething and got his first molars and his cuspids both on the bottom and top and its only now that he's finally got them all in on top and bottom

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