Mastitis or clogged?

My boob has been hurting/warm and isn’t pumping as much output. It’s been a few days and nothing is working. I’ve done warm water soaks, massages and I keep pumping. I also had COVID so idk if my flu like symptoms were only from that or not .Should I ask for an antibiotic/go in?
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Does it hurt when you’re pumping ? Could be the COVID. Generally I don’t think all of the ducts get clogged at once sometimes it’s just one. I was just dealing with a clogged duct and got also a blip. I used sunflower lecithin to help out. You might also want to consult a lactation consultant just in case.

@Kirsten it doesn’t get soft like the other one like it does a little but not fully and no redness

It could be Mastitis from actual bacteria and not a clog that’s what I had and I had a fever and chills it was absolutely awful! The antibiotics worked within hours was amazing!

Do you actually feel a hard lump?? Do you see redness??

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