What are some good ideas on how to discipline a 6 year old & 14 year old? I do not like to spank!
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It definitely depends on the behavior. I have a 14 year old son and is discipline hasnt always been the same. If he lied to me I may take something away or give him less freedom for awhile. If its grade we check grades each day and backpack if his grades have improved he can play his game or whatever if its not he sits and does work, game might get shut off or if its really bad we might skip baseball practice. This is something his coach and I talked about and coach is ok with missing practice. It works for us but i know each kid is different

It depends on what the behavior was. Throw a toy? The toy gets taken away. Not doing homework, well now it all has to come home and be checked. Lie to go to a friend's, next time you don't get to go.

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