Just found out I’m having a boy 🥹

Due in 8 weeks and no idea what to call him. What is one thing you wish you knew or you wish someone told you when you had your first son? This is my first baby and feeling nervous about him being a boy🙈 what do I do🤷‍♀️
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Im the same way and im due in 12 days 😅

I have a boy and the first time too, he cried when he came out but as soon as he got in my arms he stopped and looked at me and smiled i forgot his father was even there

FTM to a boy aswell, once hes in your arms it all falls into place. Dont be scared to ask how to change his nappies, I was terrified of it the first couple of times❤️

I was nervous about being a boy mom when I found out I was having a boy (also a ftm) being a boy mom is honestly the best tho... no one loves their mama as much as a boy does.. .they really are mama's boys

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