Idk what it is about me that people think they can walk all over me and ignore my boundaries.

I feel like everyone at home, work etc ignores my boundaries and walks all over me. At work I feel like I’m talked about, at home I feel like my husband doesn’t respect me and often ignores me. My in-laws treat me like I’m just a young girl that doesn’t know anything.. I’m a very nice person and I just don’t know what it is.
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Darling, people tend to try and put you down when they feel you are a threat to them. You need to be firm with your boundaries not just set them and take a step back. When someone at work tells you something you don't like just put a stop to it, if it's something you don't wanna do because it doesn't sit in your JD just say no. Learn to say no without feeling the need to explain your reasons. Let your husband know the things you would like changed and explain to him how this will bring a positive impact to your marriage. I wish you the very best and hopeful this helps. Love and light ✨️

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