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FTM here: We just got back from a road trip and unfortunately my frozen milk un-thawed completely so I have to use it for baths now. We are wanting to go on a long trip next summer Or just long days out on a family day. How did u guys keep milk frozen for 8 or 9 hours. I need a new lunch box or new ice packs recommendations. Please and thank you 🙏
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@Kaylee Johannesen I'm assuming there's a reason why you are having to pump and bottle feed when you're out and about and opposed to breastfeeding on the go?

@Kaylee Johannesen so devastating! Sorry I perhaps didn't explain myself properly, you were querying how to keep milk frozen for a day out, my suggestion was just to use milk that was not frozen yet. So pump a bottle or two over a few days for your day out and then just take the milk in the bottles with you. As long as you have a cool pack to keep them cold they will be fine for your day out. Might just be easier than trying to keep them frozen.

@Charlotte so we were traveling all weekend and I had about 12oz of milk I froze at the hotel and it didn’t make it home . Those were just left over milk that I pumped and she didn’t eat.

If it's just for a day out could you use freshly pumped milk rather than frozed/thawed? If you've kept it in the fridge it can be used for 72hrs 😊

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