Toxic mother in-law

Has or does anyone currently live with their mother in laws who are toxic? Or does anyone have a very toxic mother in law? If yess to any of those and you wouldn’t mind me asking some questions for some help on how to handle this I would really appreciate it.. my mental is going so far downhill and I just feel so stuck.. ☹️
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If you want to message me you can.

I just messaged both of you guys!

My MIL isn’t toxic, but the best advice I have is to set boundaries on what YOU will do to maintain your sanity, and communicate then to her lovingly. It will feel super unfair, but that way she can’t claim you’re just bitchy. Example: (said as calmly as possible!) “Cindy, it feels humiliating when you say I need to lose weight. I’d like you to stop mentioning my weight or my body, especially in front of my kids. If you mention it again, we’ll have to end our visit and leave the house (or room, since it sounds like you live with her). This is really important to me. Thanks for understanding. ” And if it happens again, follow through! Don’t get huffy, just calmly say “I’m so sorry, but we’re going to have to leave” and do. Boundaries are about what you will do, not what you want to make them do. Give her some time to adjust to the new boundaries, but follow through every time.


Can I message you?

I lived with and will soon be living with mine again very soon

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