My sister got her daughter taken away (my niece) more than a year ago. This is her third child taken away. My mom adopted her other 2. One is 14 and one is already 23. My niece is 4 and my sister is fighting hard for her. She got a private attorney. God knows how she got that money. She is playing victim saying that she did not do anything that the reason she was homeless was because of the pandemic and also she was in a domestic violence situation with the babydaddy. I know the truth i know what she was doing. She is endenial and calls me a liar. She was prostituting and on drugs. 8 months ago when she was going to trial she didnt make it to court because she fell asleep. Because of that they defaultef her and terminated her rights. She appealed her case and yesterday is was granted and now she is going to trial again. There is this one video i have as evidence of her. She was basically driving and cussing and the baby was in the front seat with no seatbelt. It shows how wild and careless my sister was. My niece is so happy with us and my sister only does go when she gets a child taken away. Ive had my niece for more than a year and my sister has not been stable. Once again she was homeless for a couple months. No job. I am just worried because this private attorney seems really good….. my sister had gotten arrested last month for controlled substance, paraphernalia, marijuana l, and suspended license. She somehow managed to get them all dismissed…. She has a long history of these charges i just cant believe they were dropped… i have a little anxiety thinking about when trial is we dont have l the date yet but i really hope the judge sees right through her
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If CPS has been involved, it is really hard to prove them wrong even with a good lawyer and especially with over a year or evidence against her, records, and drug tests. Just continue to support your niece, she needs you no matter what!

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