How do I make daycare drop off easier??

Anyone have any tips for making daycare drop off and transitioning into that? My daughter is 2 years old I dropped her off for her first day yesterday and she didn’t even cry she had a good day and when I picked her up she seemed happy. But today at drop off she was completely different she wouldn’t let me go and she was crying so hard. I can’t tell if this is just a normal thing when adjusting or if something might be wrong? I know it’s only been a day but if feel horrible dropping her off like that 😭
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Sometimes that happens at the beginning. She might have been more curious on the first day so didn’t cry. I say not to make drop off a big deal or spend too much time saying goodbye. In the morning talk all about getting ready for school and how much fun it’ll be, that you’ll pick her up later, etc. When you get there say goodbye and see you soon, or something similar, then leave. They pick up on our emotions so if they see you’re nervous or sad she might mirror that.

@Rebecca this is really good advice thank you!!

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