Is anyone struggling with PCOS?!
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I have it and I was prescribed Ozempic and ALL symptoms disappeared. The facial hair, acne, mood swings, sugar cravings, the bloat all went bye bye. Now everyone else got on it my insurance won’t cover it. I applied for the assistance program and praying that I hear something like soon so I can get back on it. Coming off of it was and is horrible. All the PCOS/insulin symptoms came back with a vengeance. I even ovulated again. It’s wild what it does for women like us and my A1C was perfect on it.

I only got help cuz I've had 3 miscarriages it's shit but they told me if I didn't have them 3 I wouldn't of had help either I believe you can request metformin it doesn't work for everyone but for me it helped so much soon as I'm done breastfeeding I'm going back on it to hopefully lose weight again and no don't go on birth control its so bad for pcos my doctor told me to go on birth control once I'm done having children as it makes pcos so much worse some women have gone on it and came off to try for more children and never got to have anymore as the birth control made there pcos so much worse

Omg as if! Does Metformin work? I've literally not had any help from the doctor apart from take birth control pills but I heard it's not good for pcos

Before I got pregnant I'd have a period every 3 to 4 months like I didn't know I had pcos till June 2021 I got put on metformin that helped me so much I lost weight on that I got a more regular period kind of then August September time I was pregnant and I think it was the metformin that helped as before in 2020 I had no idea I was pregnant I was about 3 months went for scan and had a missed miscarriage but I thought I was just late cuz that's how my periods was spaced out and I found out from that scan I had something on my ovaries but didn't go doctors about it till June 2021 for it then I carried on with metformin though out my pregnancy and he was and is perfectly healthy

It really is I'm struggling so much too. And strangely enough I've only had like 3 that's it. Not had one in past year or so

It's horrible having pcos like like since had my son I've found it hard to lose weight I've had I think 4 periods since him and cuz I'm breastfeeding him doctors won't help me till I stop

I'm the same!

I have PCOS and struggling with it massively since having my son last year

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