My LO had been sucking me dry and I’m not able to pump anything. When I do pump she’s wants to eat right when I get done and I have nothing. What are ways to get my supply back up? I’m able to pump less than 3 oz now and I was getting 5-7oz each time.
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@Annabelle I have been using the hospital grade one all day so that makes me feel better. And I definitely didn’t know during growth spurts they can feed round the clock. Thank u for this great information

Almonds, more water, sunflower lecithin

@Kaylee Johannesen yes absolutely. Babies go through several growth spurts, especially in the first few months and they can feed round the clock so you think you are empty but You will never be “empty”. Baby can keep getting milk from you. Soft breasts are also happy breasts and mean that your supply has regulated. Pumping at the same time each day can also help as your body will expect to “feed” at that time.. that’s why in growth spurts you might feel empty as your body is being signalled to make more. Also, the Elvie is great when supply is established but it’s not actually as efficient as a hospital grade pump.

@Annabelle is this maybe caused by her growth spurt ?

@Annabelle yes I’m pumping for when she starts daycare in Oct and when I got back to work. I had just bought the Elvie pump last week so parts should be good than I have a hospital grade one as well

If your supply has dropped, try and latch baby as much as possible. They are far better at extracting milk than a pump. Are you pumping to store milk? You may find that you are able to produce more at certain times of day eg. First thing in the morning. With my first I was able to pump a lot but with my second I can hardly pump at all. Check all your pump parts, they may need replacing too.

@Kelly I’ll try to pump more Iv been pumping 2-3x a day is that to little with nursing too ?

Are your membranes and duckbill valves up to date? Those need replaced regularly to maintain suction. I’d increase the frequency of pumping. For me, my middle of the night and early morning pump were always largest and could handle a little extra time with a second letdown cycle if I needed it.

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