Hello, I'm new to the app and thought I'd post join this group as it seems quite suiting to me...does anyone else have a van? I drive mine daily❤️
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We converted our sprinter out ourselves a couple of years back and love it! So nice to hear of other mums doing the same :) this year we lived in it, in France for the ski season 😍

We have a van which we have kitted out to also fit our 2 Labradors, not too sure how to make space for the soon to be baby too!! Any ideas welcome :)

Campers are the best! We has a T4 for years, sold just before covid (sigh). Had a car since but planning to swap for another camper ready for baby's arrival. Bring on the road trips 😎

We have a van! We have actually just got to France for a 6 month trip with our 8month old and we’re loving it!

@Troy t4s are awesome! I went away on an awful stormy weekend, we had to sit in the cramped van for about 5 hours😭🤣 I hope you manage to squeeze some adventures in soon!

I've also got a t4 and we love to adventure in it! Wish we had had more adventures this summer in it before baby but we have been super busy getting the house sorted for when baby arrives and the weather's not been great for it when we did have a spare weekend. 🙂

@Claire that sounds lovely! It's certainly easy access to freedom. I'd love a bigger van at some point. I'm yet to figure out how I'm going to squeeze a newborn into my t4😬😂

We have a caddy which we did adventures in last summer when our boy was 8 months old. This year we bought a crafter and converted it into a campervan. We did 2 weeks travelling the Alps this summer and have loads of adventures planned. We love the freedom and adventure of it and our boy has already seen many countries

@Lydia I'm 5+4 today, I've got no idea yet how ill make it work but I will🤣 luckily I have 3 seats lol. Its great fun x

I don’t have one but am planning on getting on after toddler phase x

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