Engorgement when milk comes in

Hi ladies - just had my boy 3 days ago and my milk arrived overnight. Needless to say my boobs are killing me - I ended up pumping almost 2oz from each breast and they were still rock hard and crazy painful. I am planning on EBF again like I did with my daughter so don’t want to get an oversupply. I know I’m not supposed to pump in the first few weeks so do I just wait it out and deal with the pain? Will I get an infection? Will I impact my supply? I can’t remember what I did with my daughter so please let me know so I can have the best chance for another extended BF journey - thanks ❤️
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If you start to feel sick or if your breasts turn red you will definitely want to contact your doctor. Do you have a local IBCLC in your area?

Hi there! There are a few things you can do to relieve pain- you will want to try and avoid infection. Feed or express every 2-3 hours. You can use a warm basin that you can lean into… just for relief! Nurse on your engorged side first, hand express will be important. You can take Motrin, use a frozen bag of vegetables 10 min at a time… this is common as your milk changes from colostrum to mature milk! Get plenty of fluids. Congrats on your little one ❤️

I understand that! It will still help to make sure the milk doesn’t get clogged as baby drinks. My baby is 19 months old and I had to take sunflower lecithin everyday for at least the first 6 months until my milk supply regulated. It just knows your baby requires way more fat at first to grow so the fat globules can stick together and get stuck. The lecithin helps to keep it flowing.

@Jane👩🏻‍🌾👽 thank you - although, I’m trying not to pump or anything right now since my milk just came in and I wanted to let baby take what they wanted so as not to create an oversupply - not sure if that’s what I’m supposed to be doing

Take sunflower lecithin. Helps get the milk loosened up and prevents clogged ducts.

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