Circumcision care

My baby boy got circumcised on 9-7 I've have kept doing the first 24hour care since but idk if I should continue doing that or do something else. Is there a better way I should be taking care of it?
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Today. Day 1 1. 2 nappies. 2. Check baby every 2 hours. 3. Only change gauze if it falls off. From tomorrow. Day 2 1. Bath baby in warm soapy baths daily. 2. Change gauze 2-3 times a day when looking excessively wet or soiled. Good evening. Day 3 Please what do we do from now on? He is healing really well. Do we continue; 1. the exercise 2. Covering with vaseline and gauze 3. Using double nappies? Thanks Can lightly start exercises, gently pulling down the base so penis doesn't shrink in. Use gauze and vaseline until they finish changing 2-3 times a day when looking excessively wet or soiled. Normally 4-6 days post procedure. Single nappies from day after circumcision. THE ABOVE WAS MY CONVERSATION WITH THE PERSON WHO DID OURS.

@Thea thank you

Keep at it! No harm with Vaseline, just a protective barrier to the sensitive skin! Almost there!

@Thea we are on day 2 doing it the head still looks pretty red though

My doc said the same! But do it for 2-3 days not just first 24hr!

@Thea we've been doing the same we were told to just pull back the skin by pushing down at the base of his penis and to wrap it in gauze covered in Vaseline. That's what we've been doing since he got it done but he said something about only needing to do that for the first day and something else after but I don't remember exactly. The gauze and Vaseline have been working great so far though. I was just wondering if there's something better to be doing or something different I should be doing instead because of what hw said about the first 24 hours doing that.

How are you caring for it? We didn't touch the head for at least 48 to 36 hours. Wiped everywhere else, bcuz the doc told us to put lots of Vaseline on gauze and kind of encapsulate the head, so it never got poop on it. So we honestly kept that up at around day 4, when it looked healed (not so red).

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