I have a mild rectocele prolapse and seems to be worse

Feeling frustrated. Pelvic floor PT said she wasn’t concerned at all and that it should go away once I can have a BM daily. This time postpartum I’m having such bad constipation, which she believes is causing the prolapse. She has me on magnesium, fiber, and drinking tons of water. My damn constipation just won’t go away. The past week I’ve felt the bulge so far down and once when I was trying to go BM I pushed too hard (tmi) and it was popping out of my vagina.😩😭 she didn’t seem concerned but today driving home from the gym I felt the bulge again. It wasnt hanging out but def lower. I’m so annoyed. Been going to PT for about a month. Anyone else have this issue? It’s hard to picture it getting back to normal. I need to poop damn it! Lol
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The best things I did for my rectocele was to get a children’s step to use when I do a BM and use moo to poo from YouTube. Do not push or strain!!!!! And eat a conference pear everyday. Made a huge difference for me x

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