Grandparents to be ??

I am so excited my 19 year old son and his 18 year old girlfriend are going to be parents this Xmas this will be my first grandchild. I’m just wondering how involved should I be? I seem to be doing everything getting everything. Her parents have not brought or offered to buy anything . Am I wrong for feeling stressed ? Am I wrong for feeling as if I’m being used? What as grandparent to be am I supposed to do xx
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May e her parents are upset that at 18 ( still young) she is pregnant. Personally to me as long as you are not buying things without asking, or pushing stuff on them you should be ok. As for feeling used have you spoken to your son about this? Maybe he doesn’t know your feeling this way. Are you the only one providing for the baby? Are the actual Parents buying stuff for the baby? If you son doesn’t know how you feel he can’t help.

If they haven’t asked you to buy anything for the baby and you are buying things of your own accord, then no you aren’t being used - if they are asking you to buy a lot of things and not buying anything themselves then I think a conversation needs to be had. It’s exciting and everyone no matter the age would love help off friends and family, however you need to be fair to yourself and also to them too if they aren’t expecting you to buy things. My parents bought my travel system and a lot of other things, they offered I didn’t ask or expect it. My partners mom didn’t buy that much due to her finances, but I wouldn’t of expected her to put herself out, she buys our daughter little random things as and when she can which I appreciate. 🥰 Maybe they are a little overwhelmed and don’t really know what they need / want perhaps? If her parents aren’t really being that involved she may be feeling a little lost… x

It depends. Do they have money/want to but their own things? If you’re just buying stuff because you want to then okay awesome but if they are wanting to then I’d pause. They’re young so might not have a ton of money. But maybe instead of just helping them buy stuff help them figure out what they are going to do. They are adults. Are they planning to live together or get married do they plan to stay together. I would help them figure out their future plans as well

My son had his baby 6 yrs ago and I brought loads of stuff,I think as first time parents, they had not a clue what to buy and after having 4 myself, I helped a lot. I always asked first and not being pushy as it was their baby. There not together, but I still buy for him and always ask mum what he needs,always grateful as children are expensive. My daughter has just had a baby,I brought the pram and nursery stuff and loads of other bits,but I always ask what colour or if she likes it before I get it and she's so grateful.

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