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Hi ladies. So sorry your all struggling with this pain! My pain started at 8 weeks pregnant mildly but noticeable I put it down to the fact I’m 10months PP. I was diagnosed at 12 week and I am now 15 weeks. I’m just wondering what to expect. My midwife has said it may end up with crutches if I have started with pain this early? Has anyone started with pain early and it stayed pretty much the same or is it destined to get worse so I can prepare myself? I have the tubigrip at the min and will get a full support belt when bigger any advice appreciated xx
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I started as early as you I was crippled ended up working from home come 23ish weeks don’t worry I was bad but it never got to that point! However come the last weeks of my pregnancy funnily enough it’s calmed down so much I just struggle to stand up or get out of bed xx

I am in same boat as you, my pain started really early on, I put it down to horse riding so stopped that. But still carried on, I spoke to Dr and referred to physio, had one phone call where they confirmed it was PGP/SPD and got given some exercises and rhwn left too it. Dr said I could take paracetamol and nurofen (up to 20 weeks) however after speaking to others I am really trying to stay away from pain killers as its meant to get worse as pregnancy goes on. Mine is up and down I can be fine one minute then barely stand the next. I have been going to the chiropractor aswel. And having massage once a week. I can get very tearful on bad days when I don't have much mobility 😪

I had pgp with my first (signed off work 30 weeks with crutches). With my second it started earlier (15 weeks) I was given the bump belt and physio and told to do pregnancy ball exercises. I have tried multiple sessions of osteo also. But am now at the point of using codeine when absolutely unbearable and crutches. Sometimes the exercises help some people...sometimes they don't. You can't call it unfortunately. Good luck! X

@Sarah thank you so much for this! I was referred to physio who diagnosed it, he gave me a few exercises then said when your too big to be on your back ask your midwife for new exercises.. he couldn’t have got rid of me faster… 🤦‍♀️

It can defo change and improve during pregnancy. I had some pgp that was pretty painful some days and then it just went away. I didn't have any treatment but did do some exercise at home and tweaked some activities. Can you ask for a referral to a pelvic health physio? There's some really good (evidence based!) Info here

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