Is decorating safe in pregnancy?

Are any of you painting whilst pregnant? I was going to paint the nursery but have been reading about harmful chemicals in paint etc and that you shouldn’t when pregnant. Just wondered what everyone else is doing!
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I’m redecorating also. I painted today, water based paint and windows wide open. Quick drying paint also. ☺️

I've decorated in all my pregnancies lmao 🤣 It can apparently be part of the nesting process xx

The main danger is lead paint -modern stuff should all be safe enough so rather than the painting I’d say the bit to be more careful with is if you’re doing the extra prep of sanding walls which might give dust with particles of old paint -if you’re bothering with this prep maybe get someone else to do that job or wear a mask. But the painting itself with the paints you would find sold now should be safe

Don’t worry if it’s a small bit (although I do sometimes worry like this!) I’ve got into watching interior design shows and on one a contestant revealed she was pregnant and continued painting and all kinds of other things I wouldn’t dream of attempting to do pregnant like moving heavy stuff around. And *spoiler alert* she went on to stay in the full competition and won! And then gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Ok thanks everyone! I did a tiny patch of wall the other week and I can’t remember if I had the windows open or not. Now panicking a bit!!

Certain brands are safer than others check it’s water based. Agree with others if we’ll ventilated should be fine but if you can get others to help do (aside from chemicals might be a lot of effort using a roller with a bump!) My plan is get my husband to do most then I’ll help with some bits and I’m going to add a mural

Recently done mine. If it’s emulsion it’s not actually that bad I couldn’t even smell it. Just keep windows open xx

We painted the nursery together, just kept windows and doors wide open x

About to paint mine because my husband “doesn’t like painting”. Have bought a face mask for dust and will open windows

I’ve painted almost my whole house whilst pregnant 🙈 it’s fine if well ventilated

I did ours.. also far too impatient to wait for my husband to come home so just made everything as safe as I could.

I’m currently decorating my nursery just making sure it’s well ventilated and any bits that require standing on a ladder I’m leaving for my husband to do (or using a long handled brush while my husbands at work because I’m far too impatient to wait for him to get off his butt 😅)

I’m going to be painting just making sure room is well ventilated. Can’t be anymore harmful then getting your hair done

Delegating to my husband and brother to paint for me 🤣! Failing that, I would have listed it on task rabbit and found someone to do the painting for me.

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