Anyone ever been a room parent for your child’s class?

I was just picked as room parent and idk what to do!! Lol. Teacher was very vague. My daughter just started kindergarten so I have never even seen a room parent before!
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@Misa that sounds like so much fun! Idk if our school has the room parents get together but that would be a good idea! I think I’m flying solo on planning parties. Her teacher says “our Halloween party is on this day! Let me know how it goes! Lol

No but I considered it

I just got volunteered for this lol Ionly asked our first graders teacher if she still needed one and she replied yes but I didn’t give her an answer back. Then I got the email to attend orientation lol For our Room parents, we have to plan the end of the year party, and last week of school activities and party. So we act as the liaison between parents and teacher to coordinate or collect money, donations, food, materials, for the fun stuff for the kiddos . I still need to get in contact with our class volunteers and talk about projects and things 😬

@Jacqueline I do recall something like that now. It sounds like a lot of fun.

My mom was a room parent for me back in the day. At the time, it was just helping the teacher with the kids and supplies (not buying supplies). I think she might have helped prepare snacks and little parties too. My mom made a lot of mom friends doing it too, I hope I’ll be a room parent when my daughter starts school!

This is my first time hearing about it as well.

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