Starting potty training this weekend?

Anyone starting the 3 day potty taining method this weekend? We are. So far so good. Not actually expecting it to just be 3 days though. . .
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@Aly ✨ I'm listening to a book called 3 day potty training I heard about in a mom group. It encourages starting with a consistent 3 day stay at home with them mainly being naked. I'm basically offering him tons of liquids, using a sticker potty chart on the bathroom wall, some organic skittle type chewy candies that he thinks are bomb but have like no taste lmao

I just put my daughter in underwear. Everytime she pees she realized she didn't like the feeling and by the end of the week we were potty trained. The one thing that REALLY helped was the potty watch. It reminded her to go potty. She fought me everytime I told her we should go potty. She would say I try later and then have an accident 5 minutes later. So the potty watch was her way of saying it was time to go potty. It was set to go off every 30 minutes. Once it went off she would say oh it time to potty and we would go. It made it so much easier.

Need all the tips please

Please i need tips lol been doing potty training but so far only in diaper and takes it off and throws away for me an grabs a new one an I just help her wipe her booty an put new diaper on just doing it slowly

What a coincidence! I just started potting training today! What is the 3 day potty training method?

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