Cutting out Pacifiers HELP me! 😂

So I've cut out pacis cold turkey this week. (The only reason I let it go this long is because we had so many huge life changes recently I wanted her to have something comforting.) BUUUUTTT now she's screaming and throwing fits at naptime, and bedtime. They don't last very long. But I need help. Did this happen to you? What did you do? I don't really want to cave and give them back to her because I don't think she needs them.
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@Sarah I know! The pacifier stuff is so hard. Your post made me feel better because I thought we were the only ones who let our kid use one for so long hahah. Good luck!!!!

@Hallie it's super hard I've definitely already been cutting back on when she's allowed to use them, like only at bedtime. But I just was not expecting such a dramatic response to it 😅 I guess I don't know really what I was expecting at all

We went super gradual. Only allowed them upstairs at new years. Only allowed them in her bedroom a few months later. Only allowed them for sleep a few months later. Then I’m July when she changed to her big girl bed the last two mysteriously disappeared with her crib 🤔 I’m sorry, this sounds stressful! Maybe try to hang in there a few more days and then maybe allow them just for bedtime and try to cut back? I dunno. It’s hard!!

Maybe try taking her to build a bear and letting her pick out a teddy an putting the binks in the bear so it’s still always with her

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