Tips on helping toddler who likes to chew?

My 2 year old son has always liked his teething toys and sucking on his thumb, but recently he started chewing on his crib. At first it was just a couple spots but maybe 2 weeks ago all these other spots appeared. He only has 1 nap a day now, and at night he sleeps 8pm-7am ish. Any tips on how to get him to stop, or products I can give him at night for him to chew on instead of his crib? I have my baby monitor on at night and he's not crying. But those marks are kinda scaring me!
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There are also plastic rail guards. More sanitary are you can take out and wash quickly.

There are also crib rail covers. They’re cloth and just tie over the rail so if they do chew, they don’t damage the crib

Saw this pop up in my feed and wanted to comment! I’ve heard good things about chewy things from ARK for kids who are sensory seekers.

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