Suspected prolapse during pregnancy

I was trying to massage my perineum for the first time using a mirror and found it so painful then I noticed a buldge coming out. I'm 34 + 5 and a first time mum. I'm so scared what this means - I assume its bad if I can see it? It seems everyone else here has had it post partum?! So what does this mean for my birth options? I've got a community midwife appointment in a couple days so hoping they can confirm for me but I just feel so down and feel like this has set me back after building up my confidence to the birth. The only symptoms I have had which I thought were part of pelvic girdle pain is bad backache, difficulty walking and bad pelvic pressure and pain. I feel fine with going to the loo. I'm not overweight (slightly under acording to my consultant!) and I have been walking after every meal because of my gestational diabetes (diet controlled). Sorry for the life storey - I'm just looking for some reassurance and advice on what to do. I've obviously started doing kegal excersises much more religiously but I do them lying down in bed.
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I’m 36 weeks and could have wrote this myself, definitely feeling you! I’m seeing a consultant next week to discuss birth, scary isn’t it xx

Thank you @Nicole xx

I have a vagina wall prolapse and only noticed it a few months ago and I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant and I was worried as well about my birth options but I spoke with my midwife and she said it doesn’t change anything as during birth it will just move out the way hope this eases your mind a little! Xx

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