Hi Ladies! I had a grow scan today, just a regular check-up (I am 36 weeks), and been told that my amniotic fluid level is 11.4 cm, which is over the normal. The consultant didn't explain anything properly, but I have a midwife app on Thursday and hopefully will get more information. To be honest, I'm freaking out right now. I tried to find information on the Internet, but it scared me even more 🫣😳 I had a blood taken for diabetes and infection, but I was told the results will be only in a few weeks' time 🥺 Has anyone been experiencing the same problem? Or maybe you could tell me what to do in this situation? ❤️
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Don’t freak out! It’s okay, and it’s quite common don’t worry. Just extra fluid around the baby- but it doesn’t mean anything detrimental so honestly don’t worry before you know anything. And stop looking for information on the internet 😂 I had it with both my pregnancies. It meant that I had the choice of either induction, or c section.. I wasn’t going to go past 39weeks. I had a few other things going on (including gestational diabetes amongst other minor health bits) which meant I had a c section both times. It really wasn’t anything to panic about and in fact, meant that I got extra monitoring and regular scans towards the end of Preggo which is only a good thing. You’ll be fine x

Me! Went at 36 weeks and told I have increased fluid around baby, got told it could be diabetes (had to monitor my blood sugars for a week), my placentas not working properly or baby isn’t swallowing and releasing fluid as she should. We go on Friday for another scan to check fluid and if things are still the same, I’ll be having her next week xx

I have this too. They mentioned either c section or induction around 37/38 weeks if the fluid has not reduced on my next scan at 36 weeks. It can correct itself apparently so 🤞 I also had two negative diabetes tests and they said in most cases they aren't sure why it happens! Only concern is cord prolapse so that is why they would want to start controlled labour rather than your waters breaking naturally as baby may not be able to engage properly due to the extra fluid ☺️

I don't know why they're saying your results could take a few weeks to come back? This doesn't sound right? Your midwife should be able to check any results when you see her - in my experience Any test results normally take just a few days if there's anything wrong

@Hazel Yep this is true. I work in a lab and they have to be tested on the same day 😂 they just don't check half the time

Hi. I had this exact problem. Feel free to message. X

I had to much fluid on my 36 growth scan and by my 38 week growth scan it was at normal level.

@Joey I think I freaked out because there was no proper explanation from the consultant 🥹 the only thing he said was if my water breaks I need to go on my 4 and call ambulance! But he didn't gave me any explanation.... so by the end me and my husband were shocked and ofcourse when he asked do we have any questions we were left speechless, all pregnancy I was told that everything is fine and then yesterday suddenly this comes across :) thank you for the information x

@Charlotte I really hope everything will be fine and you will meet your baby soon xxx I need to wait now for another 3 weeks for the second scan

@Zoë Well, they didn't mention anything to me. I've just been told to wait and see basically until week 39 :) Well, I'm hopping for the best because what I read is scary...

@Hazel hopefully I will get more information on Thursday :)

@Steph that's sounds amazing! Happy for you x

@Hannah Thank you very much for your comment! X the thing is I just didn't expect anything, all my pregnancy they were telling me how everything is OK and that I'm healthy to give birt in Birth centre and etc. And then yesterday, this came up. I do understand anything can happen at any time but it was just a shock I think :) and because no one explained it properly that what scared me and stressed me out (on top of that I'm very sensitive from nature and can take information like this is the end of the world 😁) Well, I do hope all will be fine x

Thank you all for your comments! I definitely feel much calmer now :) I just had so many emotions yesterday from feeling guilty that I've done something wrong to feeling frightened that something is going on with my baby! But I definitely need to keep a positive attitude :) xxx

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