Do babies who breastfeed still get a cold and viral infections?

I stopped breastfeeding when baby turned 10 weeks. I honestly feel bad but I wish i could breastfeed longer. Now, my whole family has a cold (husband, older son and myself) I AM SO SCARED he gets i’ll and he’s only 11 weeks. I feel like a bad mum… i’m thinking if I still did breastfeed my baby he properly wouldn’t catch the cold?? IDK
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All babies get ill no matter how there fed 😌 I’ve currently got a sore throat and breast feed and I’m pretty sure he’s starting with it too. You can’t really prevent it, your doing great.

My toddler had a snotty nose Sat morning, lo and behold my twins were all snotty last night. I ebf them. Yeah sure maybe they'll get less colds, or get over them more quickly but it's absolutely no guarantee at all. So don't feel bad, you do what's best for your whole family, and just give extra snuggles if LO gets the sniffles. And some Calpol if they get a temp. So not beat yourself up for these kind of things.

@Mou Thank you lovely ♥️

@Meghan That’s true! My husband is making me feel so bad and keeps repeating that it will be my fault if baby gets ill because I stopped breastfeeding. It has been 1 week since i stopped due to low milk supply and baby not wanting to latch on. I tried to pump today and just 1 drop of milk came out after 20mins that’s how bad he made me feel. Even tried to get my son to latch back on but he cried and I just left it.

Men think they know everything, but what having a baby has highlighted to me, is women know their bodies and babies better then anyone and they support them the way their meant to. Don’t force yourself to do something your not comfortable with, you tried and he wouldn’t latch, that’s not your fault one bit. You can’t force him. The happiest baby is a fed baby and that’s all that matters. Go relax and don’t ever listen to anyone bringing you down for things that are 1. Out of your control and 2. Completely false anyway.

Yes they all get ill x

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