Hi everyone, any tips on self soothing? I’ve got a bedtime routine of bath at 7.30pm, bottle afterwards, book and then bed. Usually I’d give my baby a cuddle and he’d fall asleep in my arms but read that this is the age (20 weeks) he will begin to self soothe which will help him drop off independently if he wakes at night. I’ve got the baby monitor in him and watching him babble away, then he begins to grumble. Am I meant to leave him to grumble or attend to him as I usually would? TIA x
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If he’s just grumbling a bit, I’d leave him, but if it turns into full-on crying then I’d go and comfort him

What Sophie says but find what works for you and what you’re comfortable with. I don’t like cry it out but can tell the difference between a whinge and a cry. Sometimes baby whinges while she gets herself comfortable and then goes to sleep.

Yes I defo wouldn’t let him cry the poor sausage 🥺 it’s just a whinge! I ended up giving him a cuddle and he fell to sleep within minutes - I’ll try again tomorrow 🫣

We are 17 weeks and no where near yet, rocking to sleep every nap and bedtime which I don't mind x

@Hollie aww, I suppose they’ll do it in their own time but still need their mummy’s for the moment 🥰 x

Ive still been sitting on the bed so he can see I’m there 😂 think its more of my issue letting go than his, there so little now whats a few minutes of cuddles to help soothe especially if they sleep over night xx

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