4 days ago

Saying no to plans

Is it okay to not want to commit to plans that are being booked for when I’m 34/35 weeks pregnant? My MIL is asking us to commit to a full day of activities at the beginning of December which will be a month before my due date. I’ve already got a son so I know being 34 weeks pregnant isn’t exactly a breeze. I just don’t know if I’m being horrible by not wanting to commit to a day in December right now when I don’t know how I’ll be feeling by then.
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3 days ago

I’ve said that I’m OUT all of December 😂 I’m nearly 24 weeks, bump is huge, aching so much and started getting morning sickness again ;( so I’m so nervous about what I’ll be like by then ! Xx

4 days ago

100% ok!! Ive been saying no and maybes to all plans from i turn 30 weeks!! Just as i dont know how i will be feeling from then on! Your definitely right to put yourself first, takes the pressure of you too not committing to anything🥰🥰

4 days ago

I’m ruling December as a no plan month, no plans for the kids and no plans to travel or do things either. Husband isn’t allowed to travel for work as it’s too close for my liking. Like you I already have a child so I know anything can happen and so close to Christmas I don’t want to risk it. So no I think you’re being reasonable.

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